Too much news!

Last night my eyes were burning and I was so tired. I watched the PBS News at 7, then watched the movie The Post and went to bed I thought I’d fall asleep immediately, but I lay in bed for an hour feeling down and anxious. I am trying to limit my news consumption but am drawn back to it over and over, then I feel overwhelmed and depressed.

People are still walking at the park. I try to go everyday. Walkers give each other a wide berth. The sense of being becalmed persists. I wonder if this is what life in the ’30s or ’40s felt like, except they had a lot more social interaction.

Last night I dreamed I was taking a class and was goofing off and not doing the work. I do feel bad I can’t do more for other people. I wish I could work at the food pantry, but I have to be careful because of my history with cancer. I am trying to think of things I can do rather than things I can’t do. I can call people, especially older people who might feel isolated. I called my aunt and uncle, who are in their 80s and self-isolating at a trailer park in California. I called my friend who is 75. Her husband is 80. They are total introverts, so staying at home is not much of a change for them, but she’s angry that her son wants her to order groceries online rather than going into the store.

I ordered note cards to begin hand writing notes to people. I sent cards to my mother (93 years old) and to my aunt (99 years old).

We have done two hangout meetings with our kids. They are in five different states but all still have jobs and are well, thank goodness.

I ordered groceries from Walmart to pick up tomorrow. I can even order wine that way. No charge for pick-up.

The virus is affecting our life in almost every way you can think of, but I don’t find it unpleasant to be at home more.

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