Daily life

My back started bothering me today. I think it is from all the sitting. I was afraid that would happen. My friend says she is just sitting in lots of different places to avoid that, so now I’m sitting in the chair across from the couch rather than on the couch. Amazing what a change in perspective that is.

From this chair I have a great view out the big front window: lots of bare branches still, but also a cherry tree covered in white blossoms, the bird feeder with its red roof bouncing in the wind the blue mountains hazy in the distance, the deep green fields. The sun has just come out with blue sky and puffy clouds after a gloomy morning.

In The Splendid and the Vile, a book about Churchill and WWII, someone writes about being out in the countryside away from London on a beautiful day. She is having tea with a friend. High up they can barely make out planes fighting, but it seems so unreal from where they are. This pandemic is ongoing, the numbers are rising and more people are dying, but here, looking at the cherry blossoms, all of it feels unreal, surreal.

There is some comfort in the way nature goes on. No matter what folly humans bring on themselves, the tulip bulbs release blooms each spring, the trees sprout leaves, the grass needs cutting.

I ate the last of the lentil soup I had made last Sunday. It’s great to have a big pot of it that provides lunch all week. I have been ordering groceries to avoid going to the store but now have almost too much food in the refrigerator.

Yesterday I tried to order from Walmart because pick-up is free. I pulled into the marked space to pick up my groceries and the store clerk came up to my window about 12″ from my face. She asked for my photo ID, took it to confirm y order, then asked me to sign with my finger on her ipad. This is not safe!

I have five grown kids who are all working from their homes. The one I worry about the most right now is living in NYC in a small apartment with two other women She is in a funk today, feeling trapped I would guess. The number of infected and dying is still climbing there despite the shutdown of most businesses. She is a dietitian and can talk to her patients on the phone, but her busy social life has take a sudden plunge.

Her twin sister lives in Massachusetts. The boys are in Montana, Ohio, and Alabama, so they are all over.

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