Not a joke

April 1st. I wish I could say all this was a big April Fool’s joke, but it actually gets worse day by day. This morning I decided I needed to go to the grocery store. I can order a certain amount online but I can’t get fresh fish and tuna without mercury, and some other things, so I set out with my gloves to get what we needed.

The store was not crowded and I tried to go through quickly, but even so I ended up having to pass people at about two feet away from them. Actually, the worst part was the checkout. The clerks did not wear gloves. I wanted to get cash to use as tips later for deliveries but didn’t want to handle cash I also didn’t want to pick up the bags to put them in the car. It all felt dangerous. Who would have thought that going to the grocery store would begin to feel like an extreme sport?

When I got home I wiped each item with bleach spray before putting it away, then threw away the bags and washed my hands and the counters. Exhausting!

Tomorrow Kroger will deliver the rest of my order — wine and seltzer water and a few things I forgot. It is $10/delivery, plus tip, which seems expensive but worth it these days. I will probably stop going to the store at all.

When I got home, my son had forwarded an NPR story about who is most vulnerable to the virus. Most of it I knew, but it added a few things — those who smoked previously, those who have had cancer, those with high blood pressure. My husband has had some heart disease and used to smoke. I had cancer and take medicine for blood pressure and some heart damage related to the chemo. Heavens!

Here’s the good thing. We have everything we need right here, we have lots of space to spread out, we can get wheat we need delivered, we have placed to walk, we have steady income. We are in such a privileged position compared with most people.

Online classes are going fine. I wish I could make the more exciting, though. If I am feeling unmotivated, they must be also.

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