What to do

I have resisted making masks, but maybe I will have to start. I saw one clever design for an origami mask made from vacuum cleaner filters. It looked simple to make.

The weather is beautiful lately — 60s and 70s with sunshine. I seems a strange contrast with the news.

Last night I made another big pot of lentil soup to use for lunches. Tom is not a fan and I’m also getting a bit tired of it, so I need to find a different recipe.

This is Palm Sunday, but no church. What to do today…how many people are asking this?

Here is what family members are doing:

Brendan is trying his bread machine for the first time in Alabama, Charity is having a dress-up date at home tonight in Massachusetts, Joe and Emily are sanding kitchen cabinets in Montana, Rachel is planting flowers in pots on her balcony in NYC, Peter and Jess are cooking a gourmet dinner in Virginia.

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