Uncertainty and waiting

Yesterday I was trying to think about why this time feels so different from other times. I’ve been in between before — in between semesters, in between jobs…This is different. There’s a sense of waiting everyone is experiencing, but an uncertainly about waiting for what. It is something outside of us, outside our control. And we don’t know what exactly it is. Is it widespread testing? Is it herd immunity? Is it warm weather? Is it a flattening of the curve? And even if some of these things come about, if I haven’t had the virus, aren’t I still in danger if I go out? Couldn’t a rogue bit of virus find me? So, are we waiting for a vaccine? If so, we are in a holding pattern not for another month or two but for a year at least.

Aside from the news and the fear that grabs you at odd times, this is not an unpleasant time. Classes occur in a leisurely fashion. I grade, stretch, go get a drink of water and a few corn chips, go back and grade some more.

It’s amazing how quickly you can adapt. Oh — we have to order groceries online, OK. We have to wear masks. OK. Webex is everyone’s newfound friend at work. Today I had two Webex meetings. The first one involved about six people. Two were almost completely silent the whole time. We were meeting about the diary project. People at the library have been very enthusiastic and helpful. They have agreed to create a website for it. This is a huge help. Later they will help get the word out about it.

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