Prescription pickup

May 15, 2020

My husband’s Norco RX that he needs after breaking his humerus bone, is almost gone, and we have been having trouble getting in touch with the doctor’s office. It’s almost the weekend. Finally we got through, and the medical assistant tells us that they can’t send the RX to CVS in Tahoe, since it’s an opiate, and they can’t send it by mail. We have to drive down to to Folsom Kaiser to pick it up. We say “Okay”, and leave for the 1 hour and 45 minute drive by 1 pm.

When we arrive at the Kaiser parking lot, there are signs saying “Pick up Prescriptions at the drive through “. The makeshift drive through happens to be a table set under a tent, where a nurse came out to take Doug’s ID and Kaiser card, rather than have us walk in to the building, avoiding exposure to the virus. We both had our masks on and so did the nurse. She asked us to drive over to parking space number 2, where she would deliver the drugs to us. Within just a few minutes, we had his pain reliever, and could be on our way.

The only trouble is, that we both had to pee, and hadn’t bothered to ask to go in to the building at Kaiser. Well, we needed gas, even for our Prius, so we stopped to get it, but their bathrooms were closed. We had an hour and 15 minutes to get back to Tahoe, and we both said we thought we could make it home. Secretly I was wishing I were a boy, and could just go at the side of the road. But, as we went through Placerville, Doug thankfully said we should stop at a small gas station with a little store. He tested it out first, and came out to suggest to me that we had better buy something in the little store, to repay them for letting us use the restroom. As I came out, I showed him my purchase of a couple of sodas and a Cup O’ Gold bar, which I told him I remembered fondly from childhood. All was right with the world, and we just had a beautiful winding ride through the pines to look forward to.


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