Facts hard to find

Checking on the VA Dept of Health website, there are 675 cases reported in the city of Harrisonburg today. This is 60 more than a week ago, but the number of deaths is holding steady at 21. The previous week had 63 additional cases and the week before 96, so there is a slight decline in the last week. This is the highest number in the Valley and one of the highest in the state. We have higher numbers than Richmond. Richmond delayed reopening, but H’burg did not.

This information is not easily accessible. The local paper is not publishing numbers as far as I can see. There is more information about H’burg cases in the Staunton paper than in the Harrisonburg paper. Questions: how much can the numbers be attributed to increased testing here? What is happening in the poultry plants?

I had to go to the hospital to get some blood drawn today. This is a standard test at the Cancer Center since I had cancer two years ago. I asked how busy they are. The nurse said the Cancer Center has been busy and the number of patients is increasing. She said the hospital seems to be holding steady at around 30 COVID patients for several weeks. The routine there is to walk in, have your temperature taken at the door and given a mask if you don’t have one. Then you check in and have a seat. Some seats are blocked off to ensure social distancing. All personnel of course are wearing masks. Constant cleaning is going on. This is probably one of the safer places to go into.

I read that the local volunteer fire and rescue units are experiencing funding shortages because of an inability to fundraise. They normally hold a series of fundraiser dinners.

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