We naturally tend to move toward equilibrium and balance. It’s impossible to exist constantly in a state of fight or flight, so it’s natural that people would try to reestablish normal patterns. The challenge for all of us then is to maintain vigilance and a willingness to sacrifice for a common good.

I took a drive around town yesterday. I was afraid I’d see parking lots filled and every store open. We are only in Phase one of reopening the state, but would people pay attention to that? My brief assessment says yes. Parking lots had cars at the mall but not the usual number. Even Walmart’s parking lot was not full. Many stores were still closed. Others still had sidewalk service. Masks are common but not universal.

How do we construct a new way of living and make it feel normal, something that is sustainable? The most difficult part is the social. We need to see other people, to maintain connections. Can we feel safe in the next 6-12 months to do that?

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