Squirrels and cats

The governor has put out an order now for everyone to wear a mask inside a business. Some people are unhappy because they feel this is taking away their liberty. Is there such a thing as the freedom to infect other people? I am interested in seeing how many people follow this ruling next time I go to the store. Masks have become partisan like so many other things. Trump mocks Biden for wearing one.

Many conflicting reports in the media. Dr. Fauci yesterday on the PBS News Hour said he is very hopeful there will be a vaccine by the end of the year and that tests are ramping up. The Washington Post says this virus may be with us indefinitely, and there is a shortage of testing machines to process the tests. Best to focus on what’s in front of me.

I notice many more people out taking walks and children playing outside. There is a small gang of about six kids who have taken over the street with their bikes, so I have to be very careful driving. They look like they are about 6-10 years old. I ran into my neighbors across the street walking with their two children and his mother and their dog.

The squirrel found our bird feeder, so I had to take it down. The chipmunks skitter across the patio regularly now. I shoo away stray cats that seem to use our back yard as a thoroughfare.

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