Even Stranger Times

It wasn’t so long ago that we were all concerned about North Korea or the Middle East, or atomic war, and then the Coronavirus took over our minds and our lives.

Now, due to an overzealous, violent, police officer murdering a black man, and being caught on everyone’s smartphones for over 8 minutes with his knee on his neck, all Hell has broken loose. Last night we watched as memorials and non-violent protests turned into rioting and looting. Evidently the people burning businesses and taking advantage of the situation weren’t even locals who gave a darn about poor George Lloyd, but imports that appreciate a chance to cause problems and steal electronics, or whatever it is they can fence. We watched in horror on the news as the violence spread from city to city like another epidemic. Even in the San Francisco Bay Area, crowds were stopping traffic on the freeway, and threatening motorists in cars and trucks. The officer has been arrested for murder, but there are another three that were involved. Who knows what verdicts will satisfy the masses? You’d think that it would be drummed in to officers’ heads that if they do such a thing, it would cause mistrust of their fellow officers, and much harm to the community.

We pray every day for peace in the world, and I almost got down on my knees this morning, thinking that that might help make my prayers stronger…. but I didn’t. I have bad knees.

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