back to nature

There’s a duck taking a very vigorous bath in our pool. Yesterday we saw her sitting at the edge of the pool, relaxing, and when we came back from doing errands, there was no duck, but a creamy-looking duck egg abandoned close by where she had been sitting. The gate is locked, because of the coronavirus, so no one could get in to examine it, but there was much concern among the neighbors. This morning it was still there, and the maintenance man said that he had discovered a hole in the bottom of it, and maybe that was why she left it. I wonder if, after her swim today , she will drop another one. I wish she would find a cozier place.

I’m sitting out in front, and squirrels have been coming by to take sips out of the water bowl I have set out for them. They don’t know I’m here, and look shocked when they look up and spot me sitting in my chaise lounge. Chickadees, robins, Stellar Jays, and even a Flicker and red-headed woodpecker entertained me for awhile. Yesterday we had to slow down in our car, as a rather large coyote walked across the road toward the community college. I remarked that it was headed the right direction, since the college’s team is called the Coyotes.

I did some planting this morning, looking around the condo grounds for spots that already have water delivered by the irrigation system. So far this year I don’t seem to have to worry about voles, tunneling around my flowers. For the last few years, I brought out dried chilis and granulated garlic and cayenne pepper to put around the plants to repel them. Maybe it worked and they decided to move on to harass someone else.

We’re not very connected with the outside world right now, except to watch the news, and we see a couple of folks walking down highway 50 with homemade signs saying “I can’t breathe”. Yesterday we watched the funeral for George Floyd that was in North Carolina. It was fun for me to hear the emotional singing and the Amens coming from the congregation, reminding me of the church I used to go to. Then we tuned in to part of the one held in Houston today. My sister called to tell us about Rev. Al Sharpton’s emotional and powerful speech. She thinks it will go down in history. We watched it on YouTube tonight. It’s being said that George Floyd didn’t die in vain, but will be “the cornerstone of a movement”, remembered as a big change in the way police treat people of color. I hope so.

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