Snakes, frogs, and fireflies

We had a wonderful week at the farm and are feeling refreshed. Why am I surprised at the rejuvenating effect of nature? Besides giving us a chance to drop out of the world briefly, being in Syria encouraged me that there are still places where wildlife flourishes. The farm backs up on the Shenandoah National Park, so the mountain that rises up behind it is protected and is all trees as far as you can see. The Robinson River borders the property on the other side of the house. According to our neighbor, it is clean enough to drink from right now and full of trout. While we were there, we saw snakes, frogs, fireflies, butterflies of every hue, a turkey, and an eagle. We heard the eerie screams of a red fox in the woods and the squeaks of some animal that had found a warm space in the wall of the house.

Madison County has had very few cases and I was curious to see how well they would be following distancing guidelines. I was glad to see that stores had signs up requesting people wear masks. The grocery store had disinfectant available to clean the carts. People avoided getting too close.

Now we are back home where it is easier to work. Finally, the number of cases in Harrisonburg seems to be slowing down. The increase for the last week was only 4.3% versus at the end of March almost 30% in a week. This makes me feel a little easier about going to the grocery store with a mask on, but I am trying to stay aware of the continuing risk. The latest alarming article said those with Type A blood are more likely to need oxygen in they get the virus. I looked up my blood type: A. Around the country, places are gradually opening up. It is too hard and too damaging to the economy to remain in lock down indefinitely. Hopefully, we won’t see an uptick in cases.

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