April 13, 2020

Finally made it to my moms house! What an effort to come over. Only two people are legally allowed in the car, the reason we had to check on the sheet was “Moving between divorced parents” and my dad had to check off “Helping someone in need” reasoning it as the fact that I have a fractured toe, thus I need help. He called the police office asking what reasoning he should put down to drive me to my moms, and they said that one. Craziness. What if someone was coming out of quarantine and was getting picked up and their pal got stopped by the car? Would the police be understanding or would they go be angry, losing their compassion as so many have.

When I got for my sort walks along the streets, people avoid you. They move from the side of the road, they avoid eye contact, they hesitate and make a decision on their moves. I wonder, how will this affect our longer term social interaction. Here in Greece, I have never felt this uncomfortable, awkward shuffling. Hushed voices, yet too many people on the streets. Are they scared they will get stopped and their documents checked, or are they scared of other humans? 

I cant help but feel as though coronavirus will disrupt the very fabric of our socialization. The very thing that makes us human. The need to interact with one another, and make eye contact, humanize each other. Further, how much are we willing to give up? Yes, now it is vital to give up your rights, have your job put on hold, and ensure there is civil social conduct. But once it is over, have we given up our right to privacy? Will this fear continue to become a surveyed state?

I can notice the changes even in myself. At first, I assumed it was lack of human contact for fourteen odd days, and being uncomfortable. Readjusting to human kind. But no, as I walk down the streets, I can feel myself tense up. Stress out. Think: are they coming this way, are they closer. Are there signs they have coronavirus? I can feel it in my shoulders, as they clench, my gaze lowers to make sure we are keeping space, and I hustle along before any interaction can happen. So, yeah. I’m contributing to the overall individual society as well. But after 14 days in quarantine, there is no way I am going to risk putting myself or my family though. I guess it is becoming a little survival mode kicking in. Who would have thought?

I guess I’m having a lot of questions about the future.

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