April 30, 2020

Stuff is opening up soon. It has been so nice to sleep in a city and not hear cars go by, horns blaring and ambulances. You can hear the birds, and see the little bees. They seem to love our balcony garden and it makes me so happy. It’s been hard, I think my foot needs to heal and I will be able to enjoy this a lot more. I like this quiet, that is why I haven’t been living in cities. I like nature reclaiming little bits of our land. It’s been nice. But I also know I’m lucky that I am home, without bills, and with a healthy family. Many other people are suffering. I hope we can find a balance with mother earth and capitalism because we won’t be able to change our system drastically right now. Too much power needs to keep it the way it is, so injustices and inequalities keep the rich on top.

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