April 19, 2020

So much has happened over the last few days, yet it feels as though nothing has happened at the same time. Mom and I worked for three days straight (her more so than me) on making 150 masks for hospital workers here in Athens. We managed to finish 120 of them, so we still have a few more to make. We took a break yesterday and today. Our little garden is starting to bloom, little baby plants are growing everywhere. It is really beautiful.

I forgot how much I missed Greece in the spring-time. Or general springtime. I haven’t been in a place with proper spring in so long. It is beautiful to see the plants grow, everyday mom and I get excited by the smallest amount of growth. We thought it would take a lot longer than it has! Big stuff.

Yesterday was really dull, a day filled with trashy tv, and aimlessly walking around. My toe still hurts quite a bit so I cant really wear shoes still, making it hard to be useful with the dog. I feel a bit bad about that, but everytime I try it just is super painful. I skyped some friends yesterday from our old life back in Utila, it was nice and fun. It’s funny to see how when you talk to people you want to know what the government measures on in states and countries. The girls I spoke to are all over the world, from Australia to Sweden. But other than that, everyone has more or less the same news: reading, tv, yoga, cooking. Not much more is going on.

One of my friends in Canada has corona, she is okay. She’s young, she’s refusing to go to the hospital since they barely have enough testing kits for people with chronic illnesses, so she’s staying put in her home, slowly getting over it. It has been about three weeks though, I am starting to get a little more concerned about her, but she really does not want to go to the hospital. I think overall she will be fine. She hasn’t seen anyone or left her house in three weeks so she is doing a good job of not spreading it. Still I am worried for her.

Mom and I celebrated Greek Easter today. We made cookies, she cooked a chicken (accidently ordered a half chicken, not a whole one) and then we played the hard boiled egg game. Last night we watched the easter church service, and they threw firecrackers everywhere. Seems like it is hard to break the Greeks spirits when it comes to Easter. There is much talk of the regulations getting a bit more laxed come May, but its so soon and no real plans are in place. I can’t foresee it happening, and I can’t see it even more with mom so scared of catching it.

I haven’t left the house in a few days, I’m eating out of boredom, and trying to do basic stretches and ab exercises to get some sort of workout in. Kinda more of an update than a story. Things are just dragging on, days are bright then dark. I am asleep then I am awake. Nothing seems to change. The weather is getting nicer, our plants are growing, but we are staying static (besides my waistline). 

I have started reading Michelle Obama’s autobiography. It’s really nice, it’s encouraging. It is making me think that maybe I do not try hard enough to achieve my potential. That I am lazy, and privileged so any sort of set back makes me give up. And I have the ability and flexibility to give up instead of work hard. That being said, I don’t know how I can work hard or do better if I am stuck in quarantine. How can I get a dream job if I am here, waiting for the border to open so I can go to these places and work and hopefully do research. But if I go to a developing nation, then what about my love life and my social life. It sometimes really sucks being gay. You can’t find a partner easily. I don’t even know if that is something I really want, or more want the idea of. But I would like to have the option and not be scared where I am living to be with someone. 

It’s a weird time. It’s time for thinking. But how much more can I think till I start to spiral and slowly start losing it. We are adjusting to life in quarantine. I think most people are. It sucks not having human contact, but I think humans are making it work. We need to get sorted before mental illnesses start kicking in, or if they already have then we need to get to work to help these people conquer them. 

I’m having a lot of thoughts, my mind is all over. I knew I would be quarantined till the end of April, I suspect we will be until the end of June/early July. But reality is so different. Mom and I are getting along great, coexisting and vibing. Honestly though, I just don’t know how much more I can take, especially with my foot. Just keep inhaling the good, and exhaling the bad.

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