May 14, 2020

Mom and I have been going on some long walks along the beach recently. It’s been really nice. The first day – 10th – there were a ton of people. Yes restrictions have been lifted, but holy crap! Mom and I kept to ourselves kinda morphing our pattern of walking as people kept coming by. The next few times there were less people. It seemed to be families, and then younger kids in larger groups. Who knows what is gonna happen. We have had a few more new cases, it’s no longer just a few each day it’s about 12/18 a day now. So still not many compared to other countries but it’s weird being out and about here. People are friendly and we haven’t lost eye contact or a sense of stranger relationship. People are still kind, they may be a little more hesitant, but they still are willing to say hello and ask after you and your family. This is good.

Today I went to the dentist again and to finally get my foot x-rayed. I don’t think it was important to do. What is an xray going to show. It is not like I need a cast or something like that. Oh well. Strange. Being at the dentists where she is so particular about how things go, to being in the x-ray place. They literally were so careless. Just masks, no gloves, no cleaning procedures, trying to make me share a pen with strangers. Such a stark comparison. The x-ray place seemed way too relaxed, they must have cut down the amount of patients they saw. There was just an overall vibe that things were the same as before corona.

Mom and I made lemon squares to give out to some of her friends. It isn’t an easy time for a lot of mothers, new and old, so we decided to spread the love. Also, we didn’t want all the sweets in the house to add to our rolls. Anyway, anytime we went out to see people we gave them a box and kept our distance. But still, everyone invited us in, everyone seemed a little too keen to talk to us and have us over. It was sweet, but it just feels like here in Greece things haven’t changed. It is nice, but also we have to be careful. Mom does have a history of respiratory illness – we do need to keep that in mind. There has to be some halfway to be safe and social.

Mom and I were talking about how much easier it was to come into quarantine than it is to reintegrate into society. She said she feels like there is a looming disaster in the new future. She says there is an enemy out there we can’t identify. Even with people she loves and cares about you never know if they could be carrying it or if she is and affects them. She’s struggling to deal with it on a daily basis. I think she is really scared. I am scared. I also think she is a homebody and loves being home and doing little projects over here. But it is strange, when we were handing things out our friends came closer to us. They kept approaching and it made both of us nervous. It’s weird because you can’t let fear dictate your life, but this is also not fabricated. This is something very real that could honestly affect us. And if it does it is detrimental. 

I’ve been getting stressed out recently because of the situation. A friend recently told me to chill out. To enjoy my time now. When else will I be able to be around mom and enjoy her company all day with no other worries. I like this idea, but I think I need a goal to be working towards. I love her and have enjoyed my time with her so much, even if there has been some adjustments living together. It has been fun. We started a travel t-shirt quilt from my time abroad. It has been good fun. Just stop. Enjoy my time in the present and appreciate it for what it is.

Overall, just applying to jobs. Been super happy to have the time to read a book cover to cover. Been working out everyday which has had such a positive effect on my mental health. We can hear the birds singing in the city. It’s relatively quiet in our neighborhood, but the main roads have many more cars.

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