May 4, 2020

Things open up today. Slowly but surely. Most shops won’t open up till the 10th or so, but it’s slowly getting into motion. Will things get worse, or will the social distancing uphold and people will be fine until we have a vaccine? Who knows… 

I’m excited to have the freedom to not write down my movements on paper, but I have a strong feeling the revolutionary passion among Greeks will not keep them safe. I think people will forget, will make excuses and we will see an increase in the numbers. Maybe I am wrong, hopefully I am! I think people are excited to be able to go to the beach and enjoy this wonderful weather. Who knows what will actually happen.

I hope everything will be okay. Greeks have been really good about things. I think in large part because the weather wasn’t great at the beginning so everyone was okay staying home. But now it has been really nice so hopefully they will have made it a routine to stay indoors.

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