Solace of nature

Socializing is not getting any easier. Everyone is nervous about getting together. We had been planning a porch dinner with some friends, but this morning they texted and said they just weren’t comfortable doing it. I understand that, but it is a lonely time. Somehow connecting online just doesn’t cut it.

There is so much uncertainty right now. The university goes ahead with planning to open, saying little to nothing about accommodations for vulnerable students or faculty. The country goes ahead with reopening but the numbers of cases is on the rise is so many states. We will get a vaccine by the end of the year, we may never get one. We will help all those suffering financially, we have already done too much. Masks are not very effective, masks make all the difference.

All this uncertainty, loneliness, and lack of answers is why people are turning back to nature. It is no surprise that many blog posts here talk about being outside. In his book In Praise of Walking, Shane O’Mara said, “The positive effect on mood after spending time in nature applies to a range of people of different ages, both male and female, across the globe. Perhaps more importantly, the impact of exposure to nature is comparable to other factors affecting individual happiness, including personal income levels, level of education, degree of religiosity, marital status, volunteering,and physical attractiveness.”

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  1. What you said is so true. So many uncertainties take a psychological toll. However, nature is always a kind of solace–vibrant, changing and unchanging, colorful, aromatic, surprising and lovely.


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