Venturing out

Two big steps this week: getting a haircut and going to a doctor’s appointment. I deliberated a long time about going for a haircut and in the end decided to go at 8 am (first haircut of day) with a mask and with the assurance that the salon is taking all the recommended precautions. All the workers wore masks, they took people’s temperatures coming in, they only allowed one person to enter at a time and only a few people in the waiting area, and they sanitized everything carefully before and after cuts.

The mask I’d been using had elastic going around the head, so I got a surgical style mask and wore it for the first time. It seemed loose and I later discovered that I had it on upside down, so now I am a little worried it might not have been effective. The haircut was fairly quick, and all the other customers were far away.

The doctor’s appt was also early in the morning. Someone took my temperature going in, and everyone wore masks (more has been coming out recently about how important this is both to avoid spreading the virus and getting infected). I noticed that some people even had two masks on, including the doctor. The only thing that made me nervous was when two nurses got close to me to do a routine EKG.

It is hard to know when to venture out. I am still trying to keep it very limited, ordering groceries online and avoiding social gatherings. We have to be prepared for this to go on a long time.

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