Today we are going back to the farm for a few days. The numbers are still relatively low here in the Valley. The rate of cases for the last month is increasing at between 3 and 4% per week, so I don’t feel the same urgency to get away from the area, but I appreciate the change in scenery.

Saturday we went to Staunton and discovered that they had closed off the main street to traffic. Restaurants had set up outdoor patios with tables spaced far apart. People were walking up and down wearing masks, but it wasn’t a crowd. We had lunch at a seafood restaurant and felt very safe. It was the most normal I’d felt in a long time.

It is distressing to watch the news and see numbers going up again all over the country. We have been very privileged as a country and never experienced this kind of widespread hardship, so I’m not sure people know how to handle it. I keep going back to England in 1940 and they way they had to set their minds to endure. It was a long road, but eventually the war did end. In the meantime, they had to pull together and make the sacrifices that were needed. We need a long term mindset here and a willingness to sacrifice for the good of all. We also need clear messaging from the president and some semblance of leadership.

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