Just Checking In

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a stuffy nose, or you coughed a couple of times, and thought, “Oh no! It’s the plague!”? But then again, you blow your nose, have a nice drink of water, maybe an allergy pill, and voila!, the symptoms are gone, even though there’s a thick layer of pollen outside that has fallen from the pine trees. Dodged that bullet….

Folks here in So. Lake Tahoe, the residents at least, obey our governor and don’t go out without their masks. We especially made sure we wore them when holiday makers were allowed to come up for the fourth of July, just in case someone came up from the Bay Area to spread the virus among us. The pool had been cleansed and opened with a sign on the gate with the rules. No pool furniture is provided, but hand sanitizer is, and families are to keep to their own ends of the pool. Masks are optional. At first only a couple of folks went in at a time, bringing their own camp chairs to relax in, and the next day, there were more blown up pool toys than people, and everyone seemed to be co-mingling. We stayed out until Tuesday, getting into a freshly sanitized pool after most of them had left for home.

On the 4th, we actually escaped the more crowded town, and rode down to Carson City. On the way, we thought we’d stop in at Our Lady of Tahoe Catholic Church and ask if we needed to have a reservation for Sunday. It’s located on the street that leads down to Nevada Beach on Lake Tahoe, and we saw a big sign saying that no alcohol was allowed on the beach, and the sheriff was stopping cars to maybe check them. Also, beach parking was $40. We turned around, and as we drove away, we saw hordes of people walking long distances carrying all of their beach supplies, having parked along the highway. Some were getting tickets on their windshields. Not my idea of a vacation. We’re so glad we live here and don’t have to venture to the popular spots on the weekends. We just continued on our way to get the good 4th of July sales on plants at Lowe’s.


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