Reflections on the week

My partner went back to work in his office on a limited basis two weeks ago. He and his office mates work staggered schedules–one week half of them are in the office and the next week the other half are in the office. This week was the second week. Some employees attended parties over the holiday weekend. Now the office is shut back down, one employee has tested positive for COVID-19 and all employees have to be tested. The office has to be closed for at least two weeks.

This situation has brought my biggest fears to light. In our family, we have done absolutely everything that we can to keep ourselves safe. Yet, we have no control over when and how our employers expect us to be at work and under what conditions. Nor do we have any control over the choices our co-workers make in their time off from work. We had started to do a few things–visiting a friend on the porch about 10 feet away from one another, one trip to a beloved restaurant that we’ve missed and are concerned won’t survive this pandemic, my partner has played golf a handful of times. We visited our parents–socially distanced–for the first time in months a few weeks ago. All of these things are done now. We no longer feel that our exposure to the Coronavirus is well-controlled and so we don’t feel like it is safe for us to be around other people–even in limited ways.

The frustration level is high in my house. We’ve had numerous discussions about individual freedom (wearing a mask, choosing who and how to socialize with others) and how individual choices impact the collective community. It is hard to not be upset with people that we are exposed to (with very little choice) who make decisions that feels unsafe to us.

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