Up Against

Several incidents this week reminded me that this is not a normal time. My husband was asked to replace a breaker for a dryer that was not working properly in a friend’s home. However, when he called the Square D company that sells breakers, he was told that he could be put on a waiting list after the thousand customers in front of him. The company that produces the breakers is in Mexico and has been shut down because of the pandemic. Fortunately, he was able to locate another breaker in the house that was not being used, and so he solved that problem.

A friend of mine recently received news that his mother had passed away from a post-op infection in Panama. However, he was unable to attend the funeral because Panama is closed to travelers with U.S. passports. Needless to say, he has been both very sad and angry. He is a world traveler and knows that other countries have done much better jobs of controlling the spread of the virus—that it is not necessary for our country to have such a high number of cases.

We never know when (or how) we, or our friends, will experience the effects of this virus. We can only hope that more people will act responsibly and an effective vaccine will become available before too long.

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