Upside down

Here is a snapshot of what is happening today. Food prices are going up for the six straight month. Trump says virus “will go away like things go away,” but that does not seem to be happening. Fifteen states have rising numbers of cases, but that is down from 28 the week before, so it is some improvement. Schools are changing their plans right and left. UVA suddenly announced it was delaying opening by two weeks due to a shortage of testing supplies. K-12 schools are going to be online in Harrisonburg, but Kroger gave me a reusable blue bag of back-to-school snacks when I picked up my groceries. I have no school children and there is no back-to-school. CVS down the street just put in two self-checkout machines, More stores are doing that. Congress cannot get its act together to get a bill through to help all the people whose unemployment benefits are running out and to get money to states. More businesses are declaring bankruptcy (Lord and Taylor just announced), but the stock market keeps going up. It is an upside down world right now. Everyone is just hanging on and hanging in.

In a year, will we be looking back and thinking what anomaly this time was, or will we be thinking that was when life changed permanently in a lot of ways?

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  1. It is a strange world to think that the stock market–playground of the privileged–is profiting off the misfortunes of those who are less privileged.Or perhaps that’s not the way it is…


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