The Strain of These Times

The university started classes last Wednesday. Last night (Tuesday, less than a week later), we got the message that the university is reverting to online classes after 513 active cases of covid have been recorded among the student body. Totally predictable, but what’s the result? Six thousand freshmen who just arrived will have to pack up and leave. Many have now been exposed and will go home to expose others. Upperclassmen have signed leases and will stay to spread the virus in the town. And the university is holding out the hope that classes might resume again on campus in October! How would it be any different then?

My nephew would be a freshman this semester but is taking the fall off. The boy who would have been is roommate is at school at reporting he is positive for covid. Good choice on my nephew’s part. Another relative is going back to school in Iowa this weekend, the worst place in the country right now for covid. If he has to come back home, he will have to figure out a way to quarantine for two weeks. Wow.

Tomorrow we hightail it back to the country and try to work with the spotty internet. We will try to stay as long as possible. I am definitely looking forward to seeing my sister and an old friend. The weather is supposed to be in the low 80s and low humidity this weekend, so it will be lovely.

My stress level is increasing as the election approaches, the virus continues, and the news is relentlessly negative. I’m thankful we have the farm as a release valve. I think the outdoors will continue to be one of the best antidotes to the strain of these times.

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