The Bitter and the Savory

We are all looking for ways to find meaning during this time that just seems to stretch on and on. I love baking, but since I started having a wheat intolerance, I haven’t been doing much baking. Instead, I’ve been doing more comfort food: soup, chili, quiche, casseroles. So here is my typical weekly menu: sautéed or baked salmon or white fish, quiche or omelets, pasta with pesto, some kind of baked chicken, tacos or quesadillas, soup or chili. Toss up: mix and match.

Cookbooks seem outdated now. I’ve been trying more on-the-fly online recipes. That is where I found best classic chili and loaded vegetarian quiche recipes. Also, a terrific Greek lentil and spinach soup, and chicken with white wine and mushrooms. I don’t have as much motivation to cook as I used to since it is just the two of us, but I still enjoy it and get a sense of accomplishment from it. The late afternoon and early evening is my favorite time of day, when the shadows are getting long but there is still some sun in the sky, and everything seems to be pausing before the darkness falls. I turn on NPR. Time slows down, I stir the soup, I rail at Republican antics, I taste, I add salt and cumin, I spoon it into bowls, sprinkle some cheese on top, and we consume what remains of the day, the bitter and the savory.


  1. Cooking is still one way we can be creative no matter how we may feel confined otherwise….yes, sometimes I listen to npr (here mpr) until the news becomes more bitter than I can bear.


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