Pandemic Election

Voting took place two days ago. It seems fitting that like everything else this year, it is the subject of great anxiety, conflicting reports, volleys on the left and volleys on the right. Is that because of the pandemic or would it have been that way anyway? Elections are always anxious times, but this has been particularly so. The pandemic pulls the covers off our differences as a country. People just have conflicting ideologies and estimates of what is important. Those who thought the economy was the most important consideration generally voted for Trump, those who saw the pandemic as most important generally voted for Biden.

One positive element of the election was the number of people who voted. This can only be healthy for our system. It is the most basic step in involvement and shows some faith in the system. Differences? These will always be there in a country our size that is as heterogeneous as ours is. The issue is to make room for differences, not to be intolerant of difference as long as it is not endangering anyone. The voting on Tuesday was mostly peaceful; hopefully, that will continue as votes are counted.

What a challenge democracy is! I am hoping that having a vaccine eventually will lower the temperature of the whole country. Divisions will not seem as dire, alliances will seem more certain, we can feel more at home in our own country. Hoping…

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