Savoring the Moment

The news is already full of the problems ahead, with a president who refuses to concede, a Senate that will probably be obstructionist, a divided country, but I am taking a moment just to savor what has happened. In the midst of a pandemic, more people turned out to vote percentage-wise than have done so since 1900. The people spoke, and there was dancing in the street when the final determination of the winner came on Saturday. As a country, we have chosen a more responsible leadership. The tone will change in Washington, priorities will shift, the virus will be handled in a different way. Sometimes we forget to celebrate the good as much as we bemoan the bad, so I think it is worthwhile to spend some time in this moment.

Today there is also news of a vaccine that is testing at 90% effective. There is a long way to go still with testing and availability, but this is another hopeful bit of news.

Back to the here and now, I am getting my mask out and venturing forth to the grocery store, my hand sanitizer at the ready. Then on to more online grading.

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  1. Yes, this is a rare moment to savor indeed–one we have anticipated for a long time.
    Nothing will be perfect, but we believe the next four years will certainly have a different tone.


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