Testing and Sanitizer, and Masks! Oh my!

Well, we haven’t gotten tested yet for the virus, even though I keep saying I want to, just to be sure. But, we both feel good, and and there are forms to fill out or something to do online to sign up, and I’m lazy. We have plenty of sanitizer, even a big bottle to refill the small ones so we don’t add to the little ones that might end up in one of the ocean gyres. My husband read that the #2 surgical masks are more efficient than the ones I made back in March, so we ordered two boxes from Amazon. He chose black, and I took the lavender ones, wanting to still be stylish.

Tonight at midnight California goes in to a serious 3-week lockdown, so today, we went to mass, where we had called for reservations, and sat out in the courtyard, way in the back. Then we went for a ride, and out to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Billy Reed’s, in Palm Springs. We called it our “last hurrah”, since all of the restaurants will only be open for takeout tomorrow. Billy actually came over to our table to say hi, (wearing his mask), and we congratulated him on having the best outdoor setup in town. When he built the place in 1975, he made a big wooden pavilion outside the front door of his restaurant where we imagine limos would drive up to let folks off. (Now it’s more used by the older patrons to be let off with their walkers.) Today, tables are set up in that area in the lovely shade, and along outdoor walkways. Most places have to make do with lots of umbrellas in front of their restaurants that only make for spotty bits of shade.

Here at our mobile park, we’ve been able to go swimming every day, appreciating the silhouettes of the palm trees against the blue sky. Up to ten swimmers can be in the pool, but mostly there are only three or four at a time. We’re hoping that doesn’t change, since that’s our main exercise. We’ll see what happens on Tuesday, when our Aquasize class meets. The most we’ve had is nine people, all trying to maintain social distancing, but everyone is very chatty, and advised not to wear masks. They say it’s unsafe to wear a mask in the pool, like there is a risk of drowning. I mean, we’re mostly held up by a pool noodle. I think that precaution is meant more for people swimming laps! I’m voting for not going for the class, but Doug is holding on to the hope that we can go. I don’t really mind taking the extra precautions and hunkering down, since we don’t really have it as bad as some, being able to go outside to work in the garden, or work on a jigsaw puzzle out on the patio, Doug enjoys serenading me on his keyboard, and we have plenty of books to read…..or write. Something has to stop the stupid virus!

And then there’s Trump, who still says the virus and now the vaccine is all a hoax. We wonder what damage he will do in the coming days. His supporters are having parades around the area with their flags flying, patriotic music blaring and horns honking. They continue to give him money. They are under his spell.

Mr. Biden keeps going, appointing his cabinet and encouraging people. He marches on, even with a “boot” on his right foot since he hurt his ankle playing with his dog. You know, I heard that Trump is the first president in 120 years that hasn’t had a dog in the White House.


  1. I like the sounds of swimming and palm trees. We had a dusting of snow here this morning, but I can’t complain too much because it’s been a lovely fall in Virginia. You are adapting well to the changes. I think everyone has had to learn to be more adaptable.


  2. Swimming sounds so attractive right now. My usual fall lap-swimming at the local indoor pool didn’t happen this year, and I have missed it. I’m so glad we don’t have to see all those strange reality deniers waving their flags. Someone should gift Trump a very active and amusing dog for Christmas.


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