Today’s the Day We’ve Been Waiting For

It’s finally Inauguration Day, January 20th. It seemed like it would never get here. We worried that our now Ex-President would do something stupid like start a war before he left office. It was bad enough that he incited his group of fanatics to storm the Capitol building 2 weeks ago. It was amazing that the repairs were made so quickly to pull off the lovely ceremony today. Now, Biden’s press secretary is taking questions from reporters. She seems to have all the answers, and everything seems so friendly and nice…..something we haven’t been used to of late.

Earlier in the day, President Biden and Vice-President Harris jumped out of their cars along with their spouses while in the in-person small parade as they got close to the White House. I’m sure it was planned, unlike when Obama did it, but we held our breath and prayed that the only people with guns on top of the surrounding buildings were in the security detail. Everything was fine, and good old Joe sprinted excitedly back and forth to greet folks in the sidelines, showing us that his 78 year old body still has the ability to jog. We worried about Jill and Kamala’s poor feet in those ultra high heels that they had had on since early in the day. I thought the Vice-President might have changed in to her signature Converse high-tops while in the limo.

Once all the excitement was over, we went to pick up our groceries at the supermarket. Since Covid is so prevalent in Southern California, (they announced that anyone over 65 could get a vaccine, but Riverside wasn’t sent near enough vaccines), we decided that we wouldn’t risk venturing into the grocery store the next time we needed to shop. We figured out how to order online, so we could pick it up. It worked out fine, and we’ll probably do it again. They even chose us some nice, plump red strawberries, probably the box we would have chosen ourselves.

We’re getting concerned about getting the vaccine sooner, rather than later, since there are plans, (hopes), to fly to New York in early April, when my daughter’s baby is due. I’ll be checking our Kaiser website each day

I’ve gotten two things in the mail this week that I’m not too crazy about. My driver’s license is due in May, and I’ll have to get a book and study and take online prep tests. The second thing is, I got called for jury duty in the beginning of February. They say that the courtroom and other places you have to wait will practice socially distancing, but it makes you wonder. Another reason to get the vaccine soon.

A friend of ours reports each day on Facebook how many steps she’s taken according to her FitBit. One day it was 21,000, but on average around 14,000 steps. My phone says I usually take about 1500, so even though I don’t really like the idea of wearing a watch, I found a less expensive knock-off called Lenovo, for $21.00 on Amazon, and I’m giving it a try. It also tells me how well I’m sleeping, either deep sleep or light sleep, or awake. It’s kind of nice to know that when I wake up, it’s not for as long as I thought. Strange though, that a watch can sense such things through my heartbeat. Anyway, in 2 days, I’ve gone from 3,000 steps to 5,000, which may not seem like much, since we’re evidently supposed to be taking 10,000, but I’m happy. Since Covid, we’ve been sitting around more than ever, doing jigsaw puzzles, reading, writing, watching the news to see what new antics that rascal had been dreaming up. Oh wait, we have a new President! Hopefully we can tune in to happier news now.


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  1. Thanks for your blog. It points out some of the myriad ways our lives have been altered. Most people are much less active than they were before the pandemic, and we have to get used to different ways of shopping and visiting. We even have to worry about performing one of our responsibilities as citizens, jury duty. We are all waiting for our Get Out of Jail Free card, the vaccine. It can’t come soon enough.


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