Time Is Flying

I get messages on my email from Shutterfly, showing me what happened more than12 years ago, and I marvel at the photos of us looking so much younger and galavanting around Europe. This morning, Facebook came up with a memory of just last year, when my sister Shirley died. I flew from Palm Springs and was met in San Jose by my niece, Martha, only 4 years younger than me, who graciously volunteered to drive me to Shirley’s home in Angel’s Camp. I was a day late. My arrangements had been made, but my sister had died already the day before. I decided to go anyway, just to be with family. After a tearful visit, and a pajama party with 2 of Shirley’s daughters, Martha drove me to my other sister’s home in Lafayette, CA, where my daughter happened to be visiting. More tears were shed, along with more long talks, and memories of Shirley.

I realize now, that I could do all of that last year, in February. Now, unbelievably, it’s a year later, we still haven’t been able to celebrate my sister’s life with a family memorial. Now that I think of it, I’m thankful for the time I had when it was possible to hug and comfort the few that I could. By the next month, all the activities in our little village were put on hold, including the much anticipated annual St. Patrick’s Day pool party, which Doug and I usually present. We stocked up on food and supplies thinking we would be self-isolating for about 2 weeks. Our days were spent mostly in our mobile home, watching Dr. Fauci, Governor Cuomo and others warning of the awful virus, and I learned, along with so many others how to make masks. Who knew that masks would become both a fashion and a political statement, and that we would be ordering boxes of the more efficient surgical masks online?

Now, on the first of March, 2021, we are actually excited that we have our appointments to get our second dose of the coveted vaccine in a few more days. I guess all of us seniors are easily pleased nowadays. Flights have been scheduled and plans are being made to, God willing, be able to fly to New York when my daughter will be giving birth in the first part of April. Doug will be visiting with old friends back east, while I try to make myself useful with the baby.

There has been mostly good news this year so far, like Mr. Biden reuniting families that had been separated at the Mexican border, and vaccines are being developed, produced and distributed at a greater rate. Time hasn’t slowed down yet, but if we keep our seatbelts on and pray, perhaps this will be a less jolting year than 2020.

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  1. It is wonderful to think of being able to travel again and visit with friends. We had our second shot on Saturday and are looking forward to seeing Doug in April!


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