The Miraculous Normal

We returned to the Rockingham County Fairgrounds for our second shot last Saturday, but this time there were no long lines. We walked in, they checked our names, we moved the next room, we each sat down at one of 30 tables where health care workers were stationed, and we got our shots. I don’t know what kind of needle they used, but I didn’t even feel it. Then we were back outside again, blinking in the sun. It took all of about 10 minutes.

So simple, but we were well aware of our privilege. What had just occurred so quickly and easily for us was something people all over the country were desperately trying to access. No, make that people all over the world. We were able to get our vaccinations because of our age but also because we had internet access and email, we knew how to upload our driver’s license into the registration form, we lived in a community that had a nearby distribution site, we lived in a state that had a good supply of vaccines, we lived in a country that was rich and powerful enough to produce all the vaccines it needs.

We had very little reaction to the shot. The following day, I had a headache and chills. We both had muscle aches, but all that was gone after about 24 hours. We still have another week before our immune systems fully kick in, but already we are making plans to see family we haven’t seen for months. Our daughter, who has also been vaccinated, is coming down from New York for a couple of weeks, we are having lunch with some also-vax friends, we have plane tickets for June to visit our daughter in Massachusetts. I am not so worried about going into a store now, although we will still be wearing our masks in public for the foreseeable future to guard against variants. Still, it seems like we are getting back to normal and normal seems quite miraculous.


  1. Its great that you have things to look forward to. I was hoping that we could still take that walk sometime! We will have our second shot in a few weeks and that feels like we’re almost ready to come out of hibernation too!


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