Garden Hostage

Beauty itself is the fruit of the creator’s exuberance that grew such a tangle. (Annie Dillard in Pilgrim at Tinker Creek)

Every time I think I have a chunk of time to sit and write, I remember something I have to do in the garden, or I think I have no time to say anything elegantly with watering to do, things to pick, rabbits to chase, deer to foil, and on it goes. Yet, I cannot end this day without showing you some of the things that make me go “Wow” on a daily basis.

Delicate hues of contender beans on their way to fruiting

Red raspberries announcing their presence among emerald green vines

Green peppers glowing in morning light

Crisp cucumbers sprouting among tangled vines.

Purple cabbage nestled among perfectly arranged leaves.

Summer squash shimmering in a shaft of slanted light.

It is a joy to be hostage to all the exuberance that draws me daily to wonder at the beauty in all the colors, textures, hues and tastes that emanate from ever more tangled vines as summer runs its course. Thanks be to God!

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