Request to be a Diarist

You do not need to be a skilled writer or being doing noteworthy work. We want people who are simply willing to record their everyday life during the pandemic. 

What is everyday life? This is different for everyone. It may be working off a makeshift table in your bedroom, it might be entertaining bored school-age kids, it might be walking the dog or trying to figure out how to get groceries without exposing yourself to the virus. 

Entries can be whatever you make them: long or short, philosophical or practical, everyday or once a month. You can include photos if you wish or drawings. You can stop at any time, but please notify us if you do so we can take you off the email list.

This website allows you to post your entries as you write them by date. You can also keep handwritten notes if you prefer and submit those at a later date.

Everyone who agrees to be a diarist will submit a permission slip giving us permission to read and quote from your diaries. We hope to make these diaries available to the public in the future through a digital archive.

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